Bee Tree Farm

The picture above is looking north toward the house at Bee Tree Farm. This view is of the back of the house, which was remodeled in the 1990s. When Marjorie and Alfred moved here in 1951, the house was a summer cottage with no insulation. It was heated by a pot bellied stove and a large stone fireplace. If you look closely you can see that there are four sections of roof. The middle two sections are over the original house.

In this picture you can see three rows of grapes, the middle row being mostly Concord grown from cuttings from the Westlake vineyard. The evergreen trees in front of the house are Eastern Hemlock and are 75-80 years old. The tree behind the house with the three trunks is a black walnut.

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This picture was taken Thanksgiving of 2000 when Robert and Marjorie spent several hours reviewing these pages.

This is the newest resident of Bee Tree Farm. She is a fawn colored Doberman named Millie.

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